Contact Your Senators Today: Bring Grade-Span Testing to a Vote

This week (July 13) the US Senate continues to debate a new federal education law to replace "No Child Left Behind." Sen. Jon Tester has introduced an amendment to reduce federally-mandated standardized testing from every-kid-every-year to once each in elementary, middle and high school. 

But the Senate may not even get to vote on this essential amendment. To ensure they do, contact your Senators today! Urge them to tell Sen. Alexander to bring Tester's amendment (#2129) up for a vote during debate on the "Every Child Achieves Act" (Sen. bill #1177). And of course, tell them to vote in support of the amendment. 

We can win if you act now! Every Senator matters. Send this letter or call or fax your Senators today. (For phone and fax numbers, go to 

Thank you.