Dear Michiganders,

In May of 2020 the State of Michigan settled the Gary B vs. State of Michigan lawsuit otherwise known as the Detroit Literacy Lawsuit.

The settlement included the following:

  • The Governor must propose legislation  that would provide Detroit Public Schools with at least $94.4 million for literacy programs.
  • Provide $280,000 to the seven students, some of whom are no longer in school, to participate in what the governor's office called high-quality literacy programs with the funds held for that purpose by the Detroit Public Schools Foundation.
  • Send an additional $2.7 million to Detroit schools to support literacy efforts.
  • Have the state Department of Education advise school districts across the state on how best to access literacy programs to improve reading proficiency and reduce economic, racial and ethnic disparities.

As of now, Detroit still has not received the 94.4 million dollar for literacy programs. The legislature has an opportunity to have it in this years budget.

We need to email our legislators urgently to make sure they include the 94 million in the budget!

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