Repeal Costa Hawkins NOW! Call in 10-23, hearing 10-24

Rent Control for All – Repeal Costa Hawkins NOW! Evictions are making us sick!

The movement for tenants’ rights and housing justice is growing every day in California. A few weeks ago renters met in Alameda for a historic assembly, California Renter Power where over 400 renters, organizers, and advocates met and strategized how to build an unstoppable statewide movement for Housing Justice and against gentrification.

What: The State Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee will be holding an informational hearing on “The Housing Affordability Crisis: Exploring the Effects of Renter Displacement.” This is the first time that state legislators have called for hearing on this subject in Sacramento. We have lived this day in and day out and the legislators need to hear from us.

The chair of the State Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development, David Chiu is calling this hearing. Chiu is also a co-author of the bill AB1506 the law can over turn Costa Hawkins. The Costa Hawkins rental housing act of 1995 that weakens rent control by preventing city’s from covering single family homes, condominiums and buildings built after 1995, or having vacancy control.

We Demand Rent Control for All! - Repeal Costa Hawkins NOW!

When: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 10am

Where: State Capitol Room 447

Why: Because evictions and displacement are making us sick! Our legislators must take bold action now! Cities and counties around the state need to pass laws that will truly stabilize communities, keep people in their homes, and preserve the diversity that makes California a great place to live.

Who: Housing Now is a statewide campaign of tenant and community organizations, union members, home owners, landlords, and realtors around the state. Join us on the 24th and become part of Housing Now as we build this unprecedented statewide movement.

Call in Action - all day Monday April 23rd Rent Control for All - Repeal Costa Hawkins NOW!

If you can’t make it to Sacramento than Make Calls or organize an action at one of these legislators district offices.

Letter Campaign by
Dan Harper
San Francisco, California
Sponsored by
Nicolaus, CA