AB2633 is Bad for California, Inhumane and Expensive


Phone/Email instructions and scripts for Appropriations Committee

This Wednesday (May 11) the Appropriations Committee of the California Assembly will hear about the fiscal impacts of AB2633. This is an opportunity to show this committee that this bill is not cost-effective – in that it applies limited homelessness funding to counterproductive and inhumane enforcement rather than services like housing, bathrooms, and trash collections that would help homeless and housed communities as well as the environment.

Our goal is to get this bill to die in this committee, so it does not make it to the Assembly floor for a vote.

When it comes to committee votes on legislation, all California residents can lobby those committee members, even when they are not in-district.

Ways you can do this:

  1. Write one email with every committee member copied (easiest), click the link titled "Start Writing" below to use or modify our existing draft email.

  2. Make phone calls, which can be more powerful (script below). If you can’t make all 16 calls, priority should be:

    1. Chris Holden (Chair), (916) 319-2041

    2. Frank Bigelow (Co-chair), (916) 319-2005

    3. Jesse Gabriel (Majority Whip, has sway over entire Dem bloc), (916) 319-2045

    4. Your own assembly member, if they are on this committee.

Phone Script if you prefer to call

My name is _____ and I’m asking you to oppose AB2633, the “removal of unpermitted campers and campsites” bill, which is set to be heard in front of the Appropriations Committee on Wednesday.

This bill would empower governments to remove homeless Californians from parks and open spaces, without addressing the conditions that produce homelessness.

The trash and human waste that proponents complain of would be addressed more humanely, more directly, and at a lower cost by funding trash collection and restrooms at homeless communities and in public spaces.

AB2633 requires onsite access to housing support services that do not exist and are not funded. As the homelessness crisis grows due to rising housing costs and stagnant wages, homeless Californians will either be pushed back into neighborhoods, or cities will be filled with sanctioned campgrounds.

We urge legislators to focus their energy on making space or building housing for California’s poorest, not to pursue the failed approach of enforcement.

Thank you,


Other committee members phone numbers:

Name, District, Phone Number
Isaac Bryan, 54, (916) 319-2054
Lisa Calderon, 57, (916) 319-2057
Wendy Carrillo, 51, (916) 319-2051
Megan Dahle, 01, (916) 319-2001
Laurie Davies, 73, (916) 319-2073
Mike Fong, 49, (916) 319-2049
Vince Fong, 34, (916) 319-2034
Eduardo Garcia, 56, (916) 319-2056
Mark Levine, 10, (916) 319-2010
Bill Quirk, 20, (916) 319-2020
Robert Rivas, 30, (916) 319-2030
Akilah Weber, 79, (916) 319-2079
Lori Wilson, 11, (916) 319-2011

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