Absentee Voting in the General Election for All WV Voters is Essential to Protecting Our Health

We shouldn’t have to risk our health in order to participate in our democracy. Thankfully, during the primary election, the option to vote by absentee ballot was extended to all West Virginia voters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. West Virginia voters embraced this option in large numbers, with half of the voters taking advantage of absentee voting to be able to cast their ballots safely from home.

Because the coronavirus is still with us and COVID-19 cases are on the rise in West Virginia, we need to ensure this option is available to all voters again in the General Election.

Nearly one-quarter of the population here is people who are 65 and over. This population is considered especially vulnerable to this pandemic. This vulnerability makes the option to vote by absentee ballot essential to exercising our right to vote safely while protecting our health and the health of others.

Click “Start Writing” to urge Governor Jim Justice and Secretary of State Mac Warner to protect us and our right to vote in a safe manner by making absentee voting available to all West Virginia voters in the General Election.

Letter Campaign by
Bradley, West Virginia