Save public education: Act now to urge the state legislature to fully fund our schools!

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Across Washington State, public school districts are facing worsening budget crises -- and they're balancing them on the backs of students.

A growing number of school districts have already cut programs, laid off teachers, and closed schools. Several districts are under binding conditions, a type of fiscal monitoring by the state. (You can read more about this on our website.) These cuts are only going to get worse — unless the state legislature acts to fully fund our schools as the state constitution requires.

Our kids already struggled through a pandemic, and many are still catching up. Now the state legislature is deliberately and knowingly underfunding public education. State spending per pupil has actually gone down in recent years, when adjusted for inflation.

This is a make-or-break moment for our public schools. We need to demand that our legislators make saving our public schools their number one priority.

Will you take a moment and write to your state legislators and urge them to step up and commit to amply funding our public schools, as the state constitution requires, and prevent these awful budget cuts?

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