Action Alert - its too hot inside!

image shows a photo of HMP Eastwood Park with a yellow filter. Text in a black font reads:  Action Alert - its too hot inside Take action to ensure those inside prisons and immigration detention don't overheat during the heatwave

Temperatures are expected to reach 40 degrees in England and Wales in the coming days. Roads will melt, railways will stop functioning. People are being told to stay out of the heat.

We are gravely concerned for all of those in prison and detention, where heat is already unbearable. Cells are badly ventilated and many remain confined there for most of the day & night. Officers use the heat punitively, refusing to unlock people during unlock time, and even blasting the heating.

We know that the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office have no interest in the well-being of those they hold captive. We have no investment in a legal "duty of care".

But as those with the power to make living conditions more bearable at this time, we are taking action to demand those inside are provided with fans, iced water and mobile air conditioning.

Take action now!