Action Alert - Move Taylor to Open Conditions!

In February, the Parole Board directed a move to an Open Prison for Taylor. However, the two open prisons have refused to accept him on ableist grounds. The Parole Board will not re-consider Taylor's case for another fifteen months. This leaves Taylor stuck, unable to make the "progress" required to demonstrate his readiness for release when he is next in front of the Parole board. This is having a serious impact on Taylor's mental health. He has had greater freedom dangled in front of him and taken away, indefinitely, yet again.

What can I do to help?

Whilst we fight in the long term for Taylor's freedom, there are short term goals that would make a massive difference to him.

We need to put pressure on HMP Eastwood Park to:

  • urgently move Taylor to Res 7, the open wing of the prison
  • arrange for Taylor to get ROTLs (Release on Temporary Licence) as already directed by the parole board.

Please also write to Taylor, let him know you have taken part in the action and that you are thinking of him: Claire Taylor A7974AX, HMP Eastwood Park, Falfield, GL12 8DB.

As well as using this email tool you can tweet and call the prison. You can find sample tweets and a phone script below.

01454 382100

Ask for Mr Durrant or Miss Stock but be prepared to speak to anyone.

Sample Script:

I am calling to express my concern about the treatment of Claire Taylor. I refer to them as Taylor and use "he" pronouns to reflect Taylor's gender identity. Taylor should be in open conditions so at the very least he needs to be moved to Res 7 urgently. Taylor should also be getting release on Temporary Licence. What is being done to be sure this happens urgently?

Sample tweets:

.@HMPEastwoodPark why haven't you moved Taylor to Res 7 yet? He should be in open conditions as the parole board directed. This is the least you can do. #SmashIPP #FreeTaylor

.@HMPEastwoodPark what are you doing to ensure Taylor gets Release On Temporary Licence? Why are you stopping him from making progress towards freedom? #SmashIPP #FreeTaylor