Against Water Curtailment

Brentwood CA

The state of California is voting to shut off water for farmers NEXT WEEK, even those with senior water rights. The decision will have a profoundly negative impact on small farmers, who cannot afford to abandon crops. Where large farms can purchase water, drill deeper wells, or change crops—small family farms will have to make tough decisions that not only affect this season, but the future of their whole operation. California farms are not only the backbone of our local food system, but also produce 80% of fruits and vegetables for the United States. These regulations would have huge, lasting consequences for the California economy and food security nationwide.

It's great to see pushes for long-term regenerative and sustainable agriculture practices at a national level, but we also need to think short-term and make sure that the farms don’t die out with the drought this season. Now is the time to make some noise to protect our farms.

Letter Campaign by
Frog Hollow Farm
Brentwood, California