Anti-Academic Freedom Bill Threatens Faculty, Accreditation, Public Higher Education

Ohio House Bill 327, which would restrict the teaching of certain concepts and topics, is expected to have at least one more hearing in early March 2022 and may be voted upon by the State and Local Government Committee and full House in the same day it receives its next hearing.

HB 327 prohibits public schools, state agencies, colleges, and universities from offering teaching, instruction, or training on certain concepts or accepting private funding to promote such concepts. The bill establishes a convoluted process for students to lodge complaints about professors, which could result in involvement from the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, and ultimately result in students being refunded tuition for a course and having their grades changed for a course.

The bill has a list of concepts related to race, sex, nationality, color, and ethnicity that it defines as prohibited. It does say that divisive or controversial concepts can be taught in elective courses, but not in any required college or university courses.

The bill also would require institutions to update policies on faculty tenure to reflect the bill's principles, and in certain circumstances, would reduce faculty to conversation facilitators rather than expert instructors.

The legislation also would prohibit institutions of higher education from including what it defines as prohibited concepts in new student or freshmen orientation teaching, instruction, or training.

Take Action!
Through this Action Network page you can easily e-mail your State Representative and the Representatives on the State and Local Government Committee to express opposition to the legislation.

Here are quick links so that you can read directly about the bills:
-Legislative Service Commission Comparison Document (shows how the bill has changed to the most recent version)

-Full Text of Most Recent Version of Substitute House Bill 327