Approve Funding for ST4 in Seattle

People love riding Link. The more Sound Transit builds, the more we vote with our feet. But planning and building expansions can take decades. It’s clear that we need Link expansion beyond what is currently planned, and our rapidly growing city and burgeoning climate crisis demand we take action. That’s why it’s time to start working on ST4 in Seattle now.

Looking ahead to a post-ST3 Seattle in 2035, we see a city that has made huge strides building high quality transit but still lacks a comprehensive subway system. Most frustrating, we will still lack stations in our densest residential neighborhoods like Belltown and First Hill. A true Seattle Subway doesn’t stop there - it means catching a train in Georgetown, Wallingford, and White Center - it means being able to take a ride to Lake City, Crown Hill, or Fremont. ST3 is a huge step forward, but it falls well short of a Seattle fully connected by high quality transit.

In order to fund ST4 in Seattle we need the State Legislature's help. A funding source is available through the City Transportation Authority (RCW 32.95a), but the legislation needs to be modified (to strike one word) and it needs a better mix of funding options.

Please join us in urging your representatives to let Seattle build the green, equitable, and fast system we need to fight climate change, boost our regional economy, and cut through the gridlock.

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