Ask City Hall for Public Meeting to bring safety improvements to Danforth Ave & Kingston Rd

The City’s Danforth Kingston Complete Street project has already been delayed by a year as public consultation meeting dates have been postponed again and again. If we want to see this project brought to life in 2024 as a key local priority and as an important city-wide corridor, the City needs to host a public consultation meeting now. This is an important first step for local residents and businesses to learn about the project and begin receiving feedback from residents.

So many people in Scarborough move around without a car and the City needs to give people the freedom to do so safely. As we all know, pedestrians and cyclists in Scarborough do not have the freedom today as is evidenced by the all too frequent injuries and fatalities along major transportation corridors like Danforth Ave and Kingston Rd.

Scarborough cannot keep waiting. Help us reach this key milestone by taking two minutes to send an email to Mayor Olivia Chow and local City Councillors today.

We’ve set up a simple tool to help you send an email template, and we encourage you to customize it to reflect your own experiences with road safety in Scarborough, or other reasons to support complete streets along Danforth Ave and Kingston Rd.