Congress, call on my behalf to save Khan al Ahmar

Children at the Khan Al Amar School, famously built but Vento di Terra using tires

In a very real escalation, the Israeli Civil Administration is pressing for fast track demolition of the entire Palestinian Bedouin village of Khan Al Ahmar, including their school with 174 students, mosque, medical clinic, and all their homes.

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 5th, the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) issued new demolition orders to all 127 structures in the Palestinian village of Khan Al Ahmar, giving the families of Khan Al Ahmar seven days, to self-demolish their entire village. Only on March 12th were they granted an emergency injunction against demolition until March 30th when their village can be demolished.

Please send your email to Congress NOW to help keep the Khan Al Ahmar School and the children's homes standing.

Letter Campaign by
Jean Ger
Petaluma, Palestine, State of
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Redwood City, CA