Ask Lawmakers to Support SAFE Alternative for Hanford's Nuclear Waste

High-Level Nuclear Waste is leaking from a massive tank at Hanford. It's spreading down to the groundwater that will flow into the Columbia River. In public meetings, top Hanford officials from the US Department of Energy (USDOE) said they do not plan to empty the tank for many years or do anything to stop the spread of contamination, even though there is a proven method of removing the leakable liquid from the tank and treating this waste that is not only safe, but will also save hundreds of millions of dollars.

We just need Governor Inslee's and lawmakers’ support for action.

Today, please click and send your email urging action to Governor Inslee, your US Senators and US House Member. You can personalize the letter too. And, use the tool to share this with friends and ask them to join in.