Ask President Biden to sign the Executive Order to cancel all student loan debt!

Big news! President Biden has a magic wand that can create millions of new jobs, narrow the racial wealth gap, and liberate 45 million people crushed by student debt. This wand is authority legally granted by Congress. The President can cancel all federal student loans through executive order. It's not a magic trick; with the flick of his pen he can legally make all federal student loan debt disappear!

So, we wrote the entire executive order for him. All Joe Biden has to do is sign this two-page document, and 100% of your federal student loans will be gone. It won’t cost taxpayers a penny, and it will transform millions of lives. Really, it’s that simple!

We need to get this Executive Order to President Biden so he will sign it. We know that we can’t leave it up to Joe Biden to do the right thing on his own. That’s why we did Biden’s work for him and wrote an Executive Order to cancel student debt. Now we need to MAKE him sign it. Full student debt cancellation can’t wait. Let's help get it to him. Add your name to send a copy of the letter to your local Representative and ask them to get the Order to President Biden!

To send your letter, input the information to find your Representatives.

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