Ask the United Nations to Officially Recognize International Long Covid Awareness Day and Month!

Flyer- White background. Black font reads:March 15th International Long Covid Awareness Day. Image of Long Covid awareness ribbon in gray, teal and black. Black font on ribbon reads LONG COVID
March 15th International Long Covid Awareness Day (Ribbon designed with the Long Covid community by a person with Long Covid: Tracey Thompson)

If you have Long Covid, know someone suffering from Long Covid, treat patients with Long Covid, or care about the impacts of COVID on our global health, medical systems, and the economy-- We need you to sign and share this letter to the United Nations asking that they recognize Long Covid Awareness internationally every year as people around the world continue to be infected by COVID.

This is the letter to the United Nations (member state representatives) with links attached for you to review (links will not be included in the letter to the representatives, in hopes that the emails will not be flagged and have a better chance of the letter being viewed by the representatives).

Please review, sign, and share this letter with everyone you know. Thank You—

Your Excellency,

COVID spread swiftly across our globe and is still a threat today. It does not discriminate among nations. The infection’s symptoms continue for many, wreaking physical, economic, and social costs worldwide. This global challenge requires a global response.

On behalf of the estimated 65 million people suffering from Long Covid, also known as Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC), I call on the United Nations to officially recognize the 15th of March as Long Covid Awareness Day and the month of March as Long Covid Awareness Month.

I ask that you propose these observances– and that the General Assembly establish both of these observances, beginning March 2024, in a critical effort to share information about Long Covid with the public and to motivate the medical and research communities to take more action in finding a cure and treatments for this profoundly crippling illness.

Long Covid is a disabling sickness with a complex list of over 200 possible symptoms. As explained in Public Herald, “This biomedical syndrome affects multiple organ systems, with evidence of autonomic, vascular, and endothelial dysfunction, viral persistence, capillary rarefaction, impaired cardiopulmonary function, pro-inflammatory and hypercoagulable state, reduced oxygen extraction and abnormalities in T-cells and cytokines.”

The economic costs of Long Covid are expected to severely impact UN member states for years to come. The strain Long Covid is inflicting on our labor markets and medical systems globally cannot continue as is.

As more and more people become debilitated by Long Covid, people are finding themselves in a position where they must work less, can no longer work, are unable to perform daily basic tasks to get through their day, and some have lost their lives to this illness.

Many have taken to organizing themselves while still sick, creating national and international communities of Long Covid sufferers and allies, on whose behalf I write to you today.

There is such a need for assistance for Long Covid patients, Long Covid education programs, advocacy for clean air and prevention, urgent funding for research, and reliable government data — these challenges must first be acknowledged in an effort to ameliorate the physical, mental, emotional, and financial devastation faced by the Long Covid community.

As part of its ongoing activism, the Long Covid community recognized International Long Covid Awareness Day unofficially on March 15, 2023. The date, month, and colors (gray, teal, and black) were selected via online polls that circulated throughout the Long Covid community. The date marks the period when a number of nations first went into COVID lockdown and many were already sick.

"Long Covid is too often left out of the discussion about the negative effects of COVID infections. This day [Long Covid Awareness Day] we act together internationally to show that the impact of Long Covid can no longer be ignored." -Tove Lundberg, former chair of the Swedish Covid Association.

“In March 2022, an estimated 23 million Americans suffered from Long Covid. Today, studies suggest that number could be as high as 41 million people battling Long Covid in the United States alone — including 16% of children developing Long Covid from reinfections. Yet, there’s no cure or treatment for what science is indicating is viral persistence” says Joshua Pribanic, founder of LCAP (Long Covid Action Project).

People with Long Covid are still here, still sick, and are still fighting through illnesses and for better health outcomes for all. Please join the fight against Long Covid by recognizing and raising awareness of Long Covid on March 15th and through the month of March, by combining both awareness and actions that will hopefully foster an end to the Long Covid crisis.

I ask that you show the world that our global leaders are committed to galvanizing the public health and medical research communities into collective action against Long Covid.

Thank you,


Letter Campaign by
Angela Laffin
Tacoma, Washington