Ask your councillor to oppose HIF1

Oxfordshire County Council want to build a major new road scheme, known as HIF1, across South Oxfordshire. This nine mile road would create a new arterial link from the A34 near Milton to the B4015 Oxford-Reading road near Nuneham Courtenay. The road will cut across green field sites around Didcot, Appleford, Culham, Sutton Courteney and Clifton Hampden and will not solve traffic congestion in Didcot. It will involve a major new viaduct and road bridge over the river Thames and two expensive rail bridges.

This major development would blight our countryside, harm wildlife, damage the climate, and increase traffic congestion on local roads. It is linked to the Vale and South Oxfordshire District Council five-year housing plans which will bring even more traffic and pollution. It’s an out of date proposal that will make things worse.

This scheme would swallow up money that should be spent on alternative transport solutions. The Council would have to borrow £30 million to fund this, which would add interest payments to council tax bills for years to come. Inflation is likely to increase the costs even further.

The Council needs a better plan to meet future transport needs, not an outdated, discredited solution.

Please help the council see sense and urge them to oppose the road.

Many thanks,

Chris & Greg

Co-chairs, ORAA

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