Ask your MLA to Stop the Waves of Destruction

If the surf park is built in Jandakot - an endangered Banksia Woodland, vital foraging habit for black cockatoos and a Conservation Category Wetland will be destroyed. Never mind the death and displacement of countless animals!

Unbelievably, the site was chosen by the WA Labor State Government!

Our public asset must be conserved. It should not be destroyed for a private, commercial venture. This beautiful banksia woodland is worth far more to the community than a surf park.

Please send an urgent message to your MLA asking them to contact the Premier to MOVE the SURF PARK. Stop the waves of destruction. Now!

·       The surf park is a commercial venture for mainly private benefit. The beautiful banksia woodland is worth far more to the community if left intact.

·       A clearing permit was recently granted by the Minister for Environment! This is unacceptable.  The clearing of this public asset will cause permanent and serious environmental harm to nature.

·       The clearing will have “significant residual impacts” on Matters of National Environmental Significance under the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, as identified by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, including:

·        Loss of Banksia Woodlands - a Threatened Ecologically Community (3.16 hectares)

·         Loss of critical foraging habitat for Carnaby’s Cockatoo and (2.08 ha)

·         Loss of suitable habitat for the Grand Spider-orchid (Caladenia huegelii) - critically endangered

·       There are grave concerns about the enormous quantities of water that will be used to operate the surf park when Perth is already suffering from water shortages. There will be hydrological impacts to the nearby Conservation Category Wetland vegetation and surrounding Banksia Woodlands.

·      The offsets proposed are completely inadequate to compensate for the significant and cumulative environmental impacts of the proposal. There will be a net loss to the area of nearly 6 hectares of native vegetation. Many animals will be killed. Those displaced will compete for diminishing food and water sources elsewhere. Revegetation of degraded areas nearby, if successful, will take 10 -15 years to replace current food sources for the endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoos – whose weights in Perth are already trending downwards because of lack of food.

·       Jandakot cannot afford to lose any more green space as the community is undergoing a barrage of development – against their wishes and best interests. The Glen Iris Golf course has been closed for housing and rural residential lots will be turned into concrete urban blocks.

·       Save this endangered Banksia Woodland and Conservation Category Wetland. Make a conservation park for the benefit of all.