Ask your PA State Rep to condemn the Cville attack

CALL TO ACTION: After the violence perpetrated by white supremacists in Charlottesville there is one thing that is very clear -- it's time for action. That’s why in the Pennsylvania Representative Brian Sims has introduced a Resolution condemning the attack in Charlottesville, Virginia.

With the violence being perpetuated by white supremacists, the unanimous support of this resolution seems like a no-brainer, right? But here’s where this gets tricky: one person controls whether or not we vote on this resolution, and he is the GOP leader of the House Speaker Mike Turzai.

It’s important in times like this we know exactly where our elected officials stand and what they plan to do to fight for everyone. That’s why I’m asking you to call Speaker Mike Turzai to tell him to give this resolution the respect it deserves and bring it to a vote.

This moment is too important for a petition, what we need right now is action. Call Representative Turzai and tell him to bring Rep. Sims' resolution to a vote on the floor.

If Speaker Turzai believes that resolutions commemorating local baseball teams and honoring neighborhood anniversaries in cities are worthy of a vote, there should be no question that condemning domestic terrorism deserves some attention.

Please help ensure this resolution receives a full vote before the House!

1. Find your state representative and ask them to sign on as a cosponsor to this legislation. If you don’t know your local legislator you can find them here:

2. Next, call and write Speaker Mike Turzai and tell him you want the House to vote on this resolution. His contact information is:

125 Hillvue Lane, 1st Floor
McCandless, PA 15237
(412) 369-2230

139 Main Capitol
PO Box 202028
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2028
(717) 772-9943