Ask your Representative to Support the Chixoy International Financial Institution Reparation's Act!

In the late 1970s, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank financed the construction of the Chixoy Hydroelectric Dam in Guatemala, a project that would displace 3,500 people and is implicated in the genocide of the Indigenous Maya Achi people. Since then, directly affected communities in Guatemala continue to live in extreme poverty as a result of their displacement and multilateral institutions have continued to finance projects that have contributed to egregious human rights violations around the world.

The “Chixoy International Financial Institution Reparations Act of 2022,” introduced by Representative Chuy Garcia (D-IL) would require the United States to use its “voice, vote and influence” within multilateral development institutions (MDI) to encourage the creation of reparations mechanisms for victims adversely impacted by internationally financed projects. Among its key provisions is the creation of an independent and transparent reparations fund that would support affected parties’ full and effective participation in the reparations mechanism and would financially support the implementation of a reparations plan. In addition, the bill would require that the US encourage broader reforms to current institutional practices and safeguards.

The United States is a major financial backer of the World Bank and other leading international development banks. Ask your Representative to stand with affected communities around the world by co-sponsoring the bill today!