Ask Your Senators To Oppose Trump's Cabinet Nominees

The facts are clear. President-Elect Trump’s Cabinet nominees represent a targeted and well-thought out assault on America’s environmental protections. The President-Elect is stacking his leadership with not only the fossil fuel industry’s closest allies, but the actual CEO of ExxonMobil. At least two of his nominees have publicly commented on the overreach of the very agencies they have been selected to run, and all of them have, at some point in their careers, undermined efforts to address climate change, put public health at risk, and attempted to weaken United States’ clean air and water regulations. Indeed, the nominations of Rick Perry, Scott Pruitt, Rex Tillerson, and Ryan Zinke mark the transformation of our democracy to corporate oligarchy, and put the entire planet at risk of climate catastrophe.

In a world where so many are suffering the devastating impacts of climate change, Trump’s administration has the potential to add an additional 3.4B tons of carbon to the atmosphere, reversing many of the efforts the United States has made to reduce its climate impacts. The American public deserves better than this. The global community deserves better than this. We have a moral obligation to base our policies on sound science, to invest in a clean-energy future based on renewables, and to protect the air, water, and health of future generations.

Write your Senators today and demand they do not approve Rick Perry, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, and Rex Tillerson to Trump’s Cabinet.

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