Ask your state lawmakers to level up school funding for students who need the most!

Every child in Pennsylvania deserves robust course choices, class sizes that allow for personalized support, enough school counselors and nurses, and a safe learning environment so they can thrive and succeed in school today and live productive, fulfilling lives after graduation.

But in Pennsylvania our state does not provide students in every community with the support they need to reach their potential.

Many school districts in Pennsylvania are severely underfunded, despite high local tax efforts. These most underfunded districts serve a disproportionate share of the Commonwealth’s students of color, students living in poverty, students with disabilities, and English learners.

Large funding gaps prevent school districts from meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of our most underserved students, limiting their educational opportunities and threatening the Commonwealth’s future workforce, tax base, and economy.

In addition to increasing state funding to meet the needs of all 500 districts in Pennsylvania, a separate Level Up supplement fund is needed to accelerate the path to adequacy and equity for the 20% of districts that have the fewest resources available to meet their students’ needs.

Please take a minute to contact your state lawmakers to ask them to support $100 million for the Level Up supplement for 2021-22, which will be distributed pro-rated through the weighted Basic Education Funding formula to the 100 identified districts.

Let’s level up school funding for our most underfunded schools and give every student in Pennsylvania a chance for success!

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