Ask Your State Rep to Support HB596/SB783 Constitutional Amendment - Environmental Rights

Maryland state legislators are guided by constituent input in setting their legislative priorities. Delegate Wanika Fisher and Senator Will Smith, our House and Senate champions for HB596/SB783 Constitutional Amendment - Environmental Rights are asking Marylanders to write their state legislators and ask for their support of this proposed amendment. When you do, please add a personal story about why protecting each person's right to a healthful environment is important to you.  

Here are some key reasons to protect our human right to a healthful environment and establish the state as trustee of Maryland's natural resources on behalf of current and future generations. The amendment:

  • Ensures each person’s enforceable right to a healthful and sustainable environment
  • Strengthens local government’s ability to protect Maryland’s natural resources, direct sustainable development, and include environmental health impacts in decision-making
  • Close the gaps in environmental laws, and act as a true guardrail to prevent the most egregious forms of harm and provide environmental justice in our state
  • Creates the impetus and support for stronger environmental laws that will fulfill this right and better protect the health of the environment and Marylanders
  • Supports the policies and regulations of state agencies to better enforce this right on behalf of the people of Maryland  

2022 is a critical year for HB596/SB783 Constitutional Amendment - Environmental Rights. If passed in the General Assembly this session, this amendment would go on the November election ballot. Legislators need to hear from their constituents to inform how they vote during session. Writing a letter today is an important step in building support behind this proposed amendment.