Baltimore City: Pass the Climate Package!

From raw sewage backing up into peoples’ homes to the urban heat island effect exacerbating hot temperatures, climate change poses significant risks to Baltimore’s communities, waterways, and environment. And the effects of climate change are not felt equally. As a result of systemic disinvestment, Black and brown communities are more vulnerable to climate impacts than white communities.

Right now, the Baltimore City Council is considering three bills to help mitigate some of the worst effects of climate change and move the City toward a more sustainable future:

  • Procurement – Zero-Emission Vehicles (Ordinance 21-0159) requires the City’s fleet of vehicles to be zero-emission by 2040.  

  • Building Code – Cool Roofs (Ordinance 21-0160) requires reflective, solar, or green roofs on new buildings and additions to existing buildings.

  • City Operations – Net-Zero Emissions of Greenhouse Gases (Ordinance 21-0161) requires City government operations to be net-zero by 2045.

These bills are important steps for Baltimore to take to limit the City’s contributions to the climate crisis and to increase local resilience.

Urge the City Council and Mayor Scott to support ambitious and equitable climate action today by voting for all of these bills!

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