Ban Racist Technologies in Long Beach

We demand that the City of Long Beach  ban the use of both automatic license plate readers (ALPR) and facial recognition now!

Why this demand now in Long Beach?

The Long Beach Police Department’s (LBPD) ability to spy and track people has grown over the past several years, as the City continues to pour millions of dollars into invasive, shadowy, privately-controlled surveillance technology. While LBPD employs several other invasive spy tools, including thermal imaging cameras and cell phone interception and hacking technologies, we are focusing on automated license plate reader (ALPR) and facial recognition technology, because we believe these have the broadest impact, and LBPD already has a record of abusing these technologies, with the potential to abuse them even further.

How has LBPD Used this Technology?

LBPD shared data it collected from automated license plate readers (ALPRs) with ICE, a practice that only came to light in 2020. Although LBPD claims that they have stopped this data-sharing, they continue to use the same technology and the same company to store and analyze it: Vigilant Solutions. LBPD also uses facial recognition technology and got caught exploiting the technology to track protesters involved in the 2020 uprisings following George Floyd’s murder. LBPD has not put in place policies that will hold officers accountable for misuse. Even if they did, why should we trust them? LBPD, one of the most violent police departments in the U.S., does not have the confidence of the community to undertake their basic functions, let alone have the power to track our every movement and identify us in every public space.

Long Beach residents' safety and privacy are at stake, and we wholeheartedly believe the City must act urgently to protect Long Beach residents from an unaccountable and powerful Long Beach Police Department and the digital dragnets it has created. The City must ban the use of both ALPR and facial recognition now!

Join the Long Beach Anti-Surveillance Coalition in seeking an ordinance banning the use of both ALPR and facial recognition technology. The Long Beach City Council must take immediate action to protect all Long Beach residents and ban the use of this flawed, racist technology.

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