Protect Union City Renters - We need a COVID-19 rent freeze!

Community members -

It has been almost a year since we first when into lockdown when COVID-19 hit the Bay Area. Though both local and statewide laws protect tenants from eviction, since late last year we have already been hearing reports of renters from both large and small property owners receiving rent increases they are unable to pay. Even tenants who can still work are at risk of being priced out if their income depends on consumers’ ability to spend. Keeping renters housed is imperative to containing the spread of COVID and saving lives.

Send a letter now to demand the following:

1. Pass a rent freeze, a moratorium on rent increases, throughout 2021.

2. Extend the local eviction moratorium for the duration of the pandemic once statewide protections expire.  

3. Enact rent forgiveness, or a reasonable repayment plan based on renters’ individual needs and abilities

Let City Council know we need immediate action to protect ALL members of our community during this global health crisis, especially the most impacted: working families, the working poor, and the homeless!

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