Biden Must Choose: Hope Over Hate

Dear Community,

Many of us celebrated independence day, but unfortunately not all of our community members are able to access the freedoms or dignity that this country claims to espouse. That’s why we’re launching a summer campaign to let President Biden know that immigrant communities are tired of broken promises. For the last year of this term, there are two clear paths ahead: hope or hate.

Defund Hate just delivered an urgent letter to the administration calling for the President to include meaningful cuts to Immigrations Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs Border Protection (CBP) enforcement funding in his Fiscal Year 2025 proposal, which is starting to be drafted NOW.

Join us and send your own letter to the Biden Administration to propose a budget that prioritizes REAL community needs like healthcare, housing, education, and climate crisis mitigation!

The Biden Administration requested almost $26 billion for ICE and CBP for Fiscal Year 2023. This funding is used to jail, deport and profile immigrant communities.

Instead, $26 billion taken from taxpayer dollars can be spent on things like (Source: NPP):

  • 3.11 million Public Housing Units for 1 Year, or

  • 285,888 Elementary School Teachers for 1 Year, or

  • 2.4 million Head Start Slots for Children for 1 Year, or

  • 1.84 million Military Veterans Receiving VA Medical Care for 1 Year

Regardless of who is in office, we have repeatedly seen a disregard of the humanity and dignity for those coming to our borders to seek a better life. Join us in being on the right side of history as we call on the Biden Administration to choose #HopeOverHate.

The Administration must create a fair and just Fiscal Year 2025 budget proposal!

In Community,
Defund Hate

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