Block the expansion of "Don't Say Gay" in Alabama

HB130 would expand Alabama’s "Don't Say Gay" policy. It builds on existing law that prevents teachers from teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity prior to sixth grade in a way that is “not developmentally appropriate.”

If passed, teachers in K-12 schools wouldn’t be allowed to mention queer or trans people in their classrooms at all, or even allow discussion about our existence, at any grade level. The bill is so vague that it actually bans all discussion about “sexual orientation or gender identity,” including straight and cisgender identity – but the legislature’s intent here is clear.

We all know how this has played out in other states – it means teachers are fired for just having a picture of their partner on their desk. It means queer students are made to have a part of their humanity ignored and censored by the state, at no benefit to cishet students. It means school staff are stuck handling meaningless administrative tasks instead of improving education outcomes.

Tell your legislator how you feel about this issue!