Boycott British Museum - General Public email

Our #BoycottBritishMuseum campaign calls on the general public, cultural workers, activists and solidarity groups to enact a boycott and ramp up pressure on the British Museum to DROP BP!

This email template is for the general public only. If you are a member or a cultural worker, please find the other templates here.

Economic and cultural boycotts have long been a point of leverage in the anti-apartheid tradition to isolate colonial regimes. By refusing to visit or work with the museum, we refuse to accept that cultural development in the UK should come at the expense of cultural genocide in Gaza, where 200 cultural institutions have been destroyed since October. The British Museum must stop selling legitimacy to BP, a genocidal climate criminal facilitating Israeli settler colonialism, while masquerading as “saviour of the arts” to whitewash its image in the UK.

Write a letter to the British Museum and demand them to end their partnership with BP and complicity in Israel's colonial genocide.

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Energy Embargo for Palestine
London, United Kingdom