For my future, support Build Back Better with no funding cuts.

On this Global Day of Climate Action, we know that we have no time to loose in passing equitable climate justice policy that will support communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Last week, President Biden released his new Build Back Better framework. If passed, it would be the largest climate investment in American history. Biden's new framework would be transformative and includes $555 billion for clean energy tax credits, environmental justice investments, a Clean Energy Accelerator, and a Civilian Climate Corps.

The Build Back Better Act's strong climate framework is a result of pressure from the youth-led climate justice movement. The passage of the Build Back Better Agenda would be a first step in showing the world that we are ready to take accountability for the disproportionate role we play in perpetuating the climate crisis.

This Global Day of Climate Action, lets keep turning up the heat for climate justice by urging our elected officials to take action.

We need you to message your representatives today to tell them to pass the Build Back Better Agenda immediately with no funding cuts. Anything short of that puts our collective future at risk.

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