Build 4th Avenue CID Station, Build Midtown Station

Build Midtown Station, Build 4th Avenue CID Station
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Sound Transit is on the verge of making a decision that is terrible for transit riders and will break key promises to voters. In only the last few weeks, a plan has emerged that will delete Chinatown International District (CID) and Midtown stations in favor of one station in Pioneer Square at the County Jail and another surrounded by the I-90 ramps south of CID. It’s a bad plan that will add 5-10 minutes each way and unnecessary transfers to many common trips. This is our chance to tell the Sound Transit Board to save CID and Midtown stations.

CID Station on 4th will be a critical transit hub with connections to two other Link light rail lines, Sounder, Amtrak, regional buses, and the streetcar line. The CID transit hub is expected to attract nearly 100,000 riders daily. Midtown Station will connect First Hill via direct transfers to Madison BRT and is projected to attract more than 15,000 daily riders, which would be the most of any non-hub station in Sound Transit 3.

Fill out this form and send your letter soon. If you don't, the Sound Transit Board may make this terrible decision as early as March 23rd!