Tell Your Reps: Oppose Governor Hochul's Effort to Repeal COVID-19 Sick Leave

Why we are asking you to send a letter:

  • Governor Hochul is trying to repeal the 2020 state law that requires paid sick leave for New Yorkers with COVID-19. Without this leave, most New Yorkers will have just the state’s minimum 5 to 7 days of paid sick leave per year - and some will have no leave at all.

  • Governor Hochul proposed this repeal in her Executive budget (ELFA Bill, Part M), meaning she is trying to push this repeal through the state’s annual budget process.

  • Now is the time to urge our reps in Albany to fight the Governor’s effort to repeal COVID-19 sick leave. The New York State Assembly and Senate are drafting their versions of the state budget by the end of February, and we need to let our reps know that we are paying attention and want to see them fight this proposal in budget negotiations and elsewhere.

  • A personal letter from a constituent is one of the most effective ways to make your voice heard with your representatives! Enter your information to send a letter to your New York State Assembly Member, Senator, and the Governor’s office. We encourage you to customize the draft letter by sharing what it would mean for you personally to lose COVID-19 sick leave.

For more information, read an essential report of the Governor’s effort here:

By Erin Durkin, Hellgate:


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Come Forever Mutual Aid
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