Defend free speech. Stop the attack on Palestine solidarity.

People all over the world are speaking out against the escalating violence in Palestine and Israel. Millions have joined protests calling for an immediate ceasefire and to lift Israel’s illegal and immoral blockade of Gaza, where 2.3 million people–half of them children–are running out of water, food, and fuel.

In Canada, we have witnessed smear campaigns, intimidation, and bullying of people calling for peace or for showing solidarity with the Palestinian people, including ONDP MPP Sarah Jama and CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn.

Workers have also been targeted at work by their employers for supporting Palestinian human rights and many are facing discipline, suspension. Already, workers have been fired.

These attacks must stop.

The labour movement must protect workers and defend their free speech.

As trade union members and allies, we call on all union leaders in Canada and Quebec to speak out against these attacks and to defend Sarah Jama, Fred Hahn, and anyone being threatened for showing solidarity with the Palestinian people–including workers facing discipline at work.

Our unions must send a clear message to its members and workers everywhere: if you are disciplined for expressing your Palestinian identity and culture, or punished for standing in solidarity with Palestine, we will protect you and fight for your rights.

We are proud of the labour movement’s commitment to peace, Equity, and human rights. Now, more than ever, we need to act and speak out to defend those principles.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

We also call on our unions to demand an immediate ceasefire in Israel-Palestine and the restoration of aid and the basic necessities of life, and an end to Israel’s blockade of Gaza and its decades-long occupation of Palestinian territory.

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