Tell the County Council to Demand MDOT Cancel the Toll Lanes

The County Council is drafting a letter to the Maryland Dept. of Transportation (MDOT) about the County’s transportation priorities. Alarmingly, the County Council does not intend to urge MDOT to cancel the toll lanes.

Please send an email to the County Council and urge them to insist that the toll lanes be canceled.

The County Council held a hearing about the priorities letter on January 24, during which CABE and others testified that the County must urge MDOT to reject the toll lanes and pursue alternatives to address congestion. Despite that, it appears that the Council’s Transportation and Environment Committee does not intend to tell MDOT to cancel the toll lanes in the priorities letter. Instead, it will only urge MDOT to work with the County to address congestion in the I-495/I-270 corridor.

It's critical that the County make clear and be on the record that the toll lanes must be canceled.

Please write the County Council and urge them to ensure that the transportation priorities letter demands that MDOT cancel the toll lanes.

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