Call on the New Hanover County Board of Education to Approve Early Dismissal Wednesdays

Please support New Hanover public school educators by sending a letter to the Board of Education members urging them to designate all Wednesdays from now until January 28th as early-dismissal.

We have heard from educators across the district: we are overworked, understaffed, and underpaid. We are exhausted. With the added stress of the state-mandated LETRS professional development, which requires educators to do 63 additional hours of work on their own time, we believe staff should be given a few hours back each week in order to be able to do this extra work and keep their heads above water.

We are calling on the NHC Board of Education to designate all Wednesdays, from now through January 28, 2022, as early-release days, just as other schools districts nationwide have done to address student and staff burnout.

Please join us in raising our collective voice to support all public school educators. Click "Start Writing" to use a template or create your own letter to urge the board to instate early dismissal Wednesdays.