Call on UBC's President to Divest from Genocide in Palestine

Since 1948, Palestinians have faced mass displacement, mobility restrictions, imprisonment, ethnic cleansing, and genocide at the hands of the state of Israel. Since October 7th and at the time of writing this, Israel has murdered more than 26 612 Palestinian people (including over 10305 children) while nations and institutions in the west enable this genocide to continue through funding it; perpetuating untruthful narratives that victimize the state of Israel and erase/criminalize Palestinians; and/or choosing to remain silent.

Up to this point, UBC has failed to stand in solidarity with Palestine. They have not extended support towards, nor even acknowledged, Palestinian students on campus. Furthermore, UBC has $2.8 million of their $2.8 billion endowment fund currently invested in 8 corporations that are enabling this displacement and genocide of Palestinian people.

By remaining silent on Palestine and remaining invested in these corporations, UBC as a reputable institution representative of 70,757 students and 18,953 faculty and staff members not only gives these corporations legitimacy, but further props up Israel's war crimes. Reflecting on social movements of UBC's past, we know divestment is possible. We know that financing genocide is wrong and is not consented to by UBC students, faculty, and staff. We know that ignoring the existence of Palestine and Palestinian students on campus is an act of violent, colonial erasure.

We need to hold UBC decision-makers (like President Bacon) accountable and remind them that they have a responsibility and fiduciary duty to their students, staff, and faculty, and must use their social and institutional power to act against the ongoing genocide of Palestinians.

Letter Campaign by
Kelowna, Canada