Send an E-Letter NOW to protect vulnerable families from harassment and housing insecurity. Make your voices heard!

Concord residents, NOW is the time to make your voices heard. The City of Concord has the chance during a City Council meeting this Tuesday, June 14th to truly put Concord families first. We are asking them to prioritize critical housing policies that could help protect hundreds of families from harassment by a few unethical landlords, skyrocketing rents, threats of displacement, and on the brink of homelessness.

Thanks to Concord tenants and community voices like yours, the City Council is closer than ever to taking action to help stop harassment by a few unscrupulous landlords. Today in Concord, many low-income renting families, mostly women and single-moms, are being subjected to harassment. This takes many forms: landlords not fixing broken appliances or addressing mold or pests; retaliating against tenants who ask for repairs; exercising excessive surveillance or intrusions in one’s home; telling children they cannot play outside; and threatening to call ICE or the police if they stand up for their rights.

This kind of stress and hostile environment results in many renters being pushed out onto the streets. That’s why the City of Concord also needs other common sense policies to address such displacement, because the reality is that –– on top of harassment –– many Concord families are facing unaffordable housing prices, threats of eviction, landlord harassment, unsafe or unhealthy housing conditions, and are close to losing their home.

Send the E-Letter NOW to push the City Council to protect Concord families! It will only take a couple of minutes (sample email provided), but will have a huge impact for Concord families.

How can YOU help protect your vulnerable Concord neighbors?

Please send an E-Letter to the Concord City Council NOW and tell them to take action and prioritize policies PROVEN to reduce homelessness. Protect Concord families from harassment by a few unethical landlords, outrageous rents, displacement and more –– all of which has led to many Concord families losing their home.

If you have any questions or want to get further involved to protect your Concord community members from harassment, do not hesitate to reach out:

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