Cancel ALL student debt TODAY!

Our communities desperately need support and relief. We are living in a global pandemic, in which millions of people are losing jobs, can’t pay their rent or bills, are constantly under the threat of illness and medical costs, all while lining up for hours in modern-day bread lines.

Student debt cancellation is a key way that President Joe Biden and the current administration can radically improve 45 million lives. Even before COVID-19, one million Americans were defaulting on their student loans every year. Student loan defaults are hitting Black, Indigenous and brown borrowers the hardest. And now, families and communities are struggling more than ever. Older borrowers are suffering from stress around stripped away social security payments, while younger debtors are struggling with high payments and limited prospects for ever paying it off.

It is time our elected representatives take dramatic action to meet the moment we’re in. With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden can abolish all student loan debt and radically change the lives of so many. But, $10,000 and $50,000 of relief are inadequate. Every penny must go.

Send an email right now to your local Representative to demand they support student debt cancellation and take the issue directly to the President.

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