Throughout the pandemic, while income has stalled for many in low-income communities, PG&E has made massive profits--all while they've failed to keep our families safe from fires, shutoff our life-giving power, and even doubled the salaries of their top executives.

With the moratorium on shutoffs lifting on June 30th, millions of Californians are facing the reality of paying massive bills, or PG&E shutting their lights out.

Will you write to the California Public Utilities Commission and demand they extend the moratorium on shutoffs, and ensure that PG&E's wealthy shareholders, not the rest of us ratepayers and taxpayers, pick up the tab?

Here's the note you'll send to the Commissioners:

Dear CPUC Commissioners,

With the June 30, 2021 utility shutoff moratorium deadline looming, millions of Californians are facing colliding catastrophes, including being denied life-giving power and increased debt. While income has stalled for many in low-income communities during the pandemic, PG&E has made massive profits. Instead of investing in real wildfire safety and building a resilient grid, PG&E has spent millions doubling the salaries for executives, dishonest and dangerously inadequate wildfire plans, and Wall St tricks. Worse yet, they're counting on us, taxpayers and ratepayers, to pay for all of it. You must interrupt this vicious cycle and stand up for ratepayers.

Along with the Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice campaign, I urge you to:

- Extend the moratorium on shutoffs until PG&E can guarantee they’ll stop so-called “public safety power shutoffs”

- Force PG&E to eliminate the debt that residential customers are carrying and ensure that ratepayers will not be forced to pick up the tab.

- Prevent PG&E from raising rates to fund their failed wildfire plans, their massive executive salaries and their Wall St. securitization tricks.

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