The House has proposed over $767M in cuts to domestic HIV programs and eliminated funding specifically designated for the Ending the HIV Epidemic initiative. At the same time, global HIV funding is also in jeopardy. While advocates have been successful in shoring up bipartisan support in the Senate to oppose these cuts, it is vital that we continue to unite and insist that any proposal to slash global or domestic HIV funding is categorically unacceptable.

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US funding has resulted in treatment access for well over 20 million individuals, including at least half a million Americans living with HIV who receive support annually, and saved over 25 million lives globally through PEPFAR. Domestic HIV prevention efforts have accelerated with the establishment of the first National HIV/AIDS Strategy in 2010 and the announcement of the Ending the HIV Epidemic initiative in 2019, resulting in a 16% reduction in new HIV infections since 2017 in America’s most highly affected jurisdictions. If we maintain and expand HIV funding, we can finally bring the epidemic under control for all American communities and for communities around the world.

In contrast, a $767M loss to domestic funding and the failure to reauthorize PEPFAR would put all existing progress at risk. Every new HIV infection in the US creates $501,000 in lifetime healthcare costs. An increase of just 2,000 new infections in the US will add billions to our national debt and obliterate any savings House appropriators seek to achieve. Five thousand Americans still die from AIDS-related causes each year; worldwide there is still one AIDS-related death every minute. Those numbers will grow if we cannot ensure ongoing funding for key support services.

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