Ceasefire City Council Resolution

Send a letter now to your City Council Member asking them to join the call for a ceasefire in Gaza and further call on our Congress Members to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire, unrestricted entry of humanitarian assistance into Gaza, and release of all hostages - both Israeli hostages and Palestinians extrajudicially detained by Israel.

New York City plays a leadership role nationwide and we must hold our local elected officials accountable to our delay for a permanent ceasefire an an end to genocide. In the past 3 months more than 45 cities have already passed ceasefire resolutions including Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, St. Louis, and many more.

The time is now for NYC Council Members to hear from their constituents about the need for an immediate ceasefire resolution. If you already emailed, consider calling your Councilmember's office

Current 17 CMs supporting a ceasefire: Alexa Avilés, Tiffany Cabán, Shahana Hanif, Sandy Nurse, Chi Ossé, Crystal Hudson, Jennifer Gutierrez, Nantasha Williams, Lincoln Restler, Althea Stevens, Carmen De La Rosa, Pierina Sanchez, Justin Brannan, Yusef Salaam, Carlina Rivera, Rita Joseph, Christopher Marte
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