No more! Oppose Darling Ingredients' lease for an animal rendering plant!

Photo by: Pete Caster | The News Tribune

Darling Ingredients is trying to reopen its animal rendering facility in the Port of Tacoma. This is the same facility that engulfed Tacoma in a putrid odor for days in 2019 and was closed by a large fire in 2022.

The Port of Tacoma has the opportunity to deny Darling's lease, so now is the time to come together to voice your concerns and opposition to animal rendering operations near our communities!

If Darling is allowed to reopen, it will adversely impact the health and quality of life of thousands of Tacomans. Help us send the message that putrid smells, water pollution, and industrial fires will no longer be tolerated in Tacoma!

Send your own letter or click "START WRITING" >> to personalize our letter template to Port Commissioners. You can visit the Port of Tacoma's webpage on Darling's lease extension negotiations to check for any new information. Then help spread the word about the Port Commission hearing on Darling once the date is confirmed!

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Letter Campaign by
Communities for a Healthy Bay
Tacoma, WA, Washington