Chevron & the U.S. Government: No U.S. dollars to the Myanmar military!

On February 1st, the Myanmar military staged a coup to discard the Myanmar people’s democratic election and install a military dictatorship. Since the coup, millions of Myanmar citizens have risen up in protest, joining massive street demonstrations and strikes daily.

In response, the Myanmar military is brutally repressing the peaceful Myanmar protestors, using war-grade weaponry on unarmed civilians. The military has killed at least 700 peaceful protestors since February 1st, and arrested nearly 3,000. The death toll continues to rise as the Myanmar people continue to demand democracy, as they have done for decades since the first military coup in the 1960s, and the Myanmar military continues to open fire on peaceful protesters, an all too familiar reaction from a violent regime.

Stand in solidarity with the Myanmar people by ensuring no support is provided to the Myanmar military in any way. Join the demand for the immediate cessation of all U.S. revenue to the military-controlled Myanmar oil and gas industry.

Our sisters and brothers in the Myanmar labor movement have been at the heart of both the pro-democracy movement as well as the military’s repression. Workers and unions are leading the mass street demonstrations and a nationwide general strike. Despite the killing of multiple union members, the arrest of scores of union leaders, and the widespread military raids on union offices and unionists’ homes, Myanmar unions continue to strike and protest every day. Worker solidarity is truly inclusive and intersectional when it is global; Myanmar workers and civilians have proven their commitment to this fight for liberation; now we must stand with them, resolute and driven to action, holding companies accountable who have lead a campaign of oppression in Myanmar.

The Myanmar military’s largest source of revenue is the oil and gas industry, with nearly US$1.5 billion each year channeled to the military-controlled Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise. Both Chevron and the United States Government have the power to place enormous pressure on the Myanmar military by withholding any and all oil and gas revenue.

Send an unequivocal message to Chevron and the U.S. Government: No U.S. dollars to the Myanmar military!

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