Chipotle: Stop abuses in your supply chain!

Chipotle claims to serve “Food with Integrity.” Yet Chipotle sources produce from Taylor Farms — the largest fresh-cut produce supplier in America — which has abused, threatened and endangered hundreds of mostly immigrant workers in Tracy, California.

As ILRF uncovered in a 2015 report, Taylor Farms illegally fired and harassed workers trying to join together in a union at two facilities in Tracy. Since then, Taylor Farms has been forced to settle with workers after being found to have engaged in unfair labor practices, had multiple chemical spills that sent workers to the hospital, and been forced to issue numerous food recalls for possible contamination with E. coli, salmonella, and allergens. Now, it’s laying off hundreds of exploited temp workers, many of whom have worked for Taylor Farms for years, but never been hired as employees.

Please send a message to Chipotle executives to tell Chipotle to help end the abuses in its supply chain! Chipotle must make clear that it only intends to do business with ethical companies and insist that Taylor Farms clean up its act.