Chris Abele: Don't Destroy MPS

On Thursday, April 21, 2016, Demond Means laid out plans to the MPS administration and School Board to begin the initial phases of the MPS Takeover. Means has been appointed by County Executive Chris Abele as the Commissioner in charge of the Takeover plan orchestrated by suburban Republican legislators.

From the very beginning, the Takeover legislation spelled bad news for MPS schools. Modeled after failed attempts in other cities to create “Recovery” districts, the Takeover plan gives Means the authority to strip control of our schools from the publicly elected School Board. State takeovers are happening almost exclusively in African-American and Latino schools and districts—in many of the same communities that have experienced decades of underinvestment in their public schools and consistent attacks on their property, agency, and self-determination.

Means’ plan flies in the face of pledges made by the County Executive earlier this year, when Abele said he would take over no more than one empty building.

Please join this letter writing campaign to Chris Abele demanding he make good on his election promise. You can send the already created letter to Abele or compose your own personal message why you are resisting this Takeover of MPS. Thank you for standing up for Milwaukee students!