Climate Action Council Scoping Plan Comment Drive

In 2019, New York State adopted perhaps the most ambitious law in the nation to address the Climate Crisis: The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. The Climate Act mandates statewide, economy-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions limits and renewable energy benchmarks. The law is anchored by prioritizing just transition worker protections and social justice principles, with at least 35% of the Climate Act’s benefits directed to Disadvantaged Communities.

At its heart, the Climate Act requires the state to meet two GHG reduction and two renewable energy goals in the coming decades:

  • 40% reduction in statewide GHG by 2030
  • 70% of electric produced in the state through renewable energy by 2030
  • 100% zero-emission electric generation by 2040
  • 85% reduction in statewide GHG (net zero emissions) by 2050

The Climate Act will be implemented through a roadmap for action called the “Scoping Plan.” The Scoping Plan was developed by the Climate Action Council (“CAC”), a group of state agency leaders, experts and stakeholders led by the heads of the state’s environmental and energy research agencies. The Climate Act requires a robust public participation process before the CAC finalizes the draft Scoping Plan and delivers it to the Legislature and governor.

The public comment period is running until July 1, 2022. Make your comment today! Sample talking points are included in this letter.

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