Colorado: Prevent Employers from Discriminating Against Responsible Marijuana Consumers

Legislation has been recently filed in Colorado, House Bill 1152, an employee protection bill that would prohibit employers from taking adverse action against an employee, including an applicant for employment, who engages in the use of medical marijuana on the premises of the workplace during working hours, as well as both recreational and medical marijuana consumers partaking off-site during non working hours.

Current state law allows employers to enforce drug policies and prohibit their employees from using or being impaired by marijuana at work, even employees who are using medical marijuana based on a doctor’s recommendation and have a registration card, and including those who consume marijuana at home during non-working hours. This bill would allow for adults to take part in a legal and regulated market during non-working hours, no different than consuming alcohol during non-working hours, and would allow for qualified patients to have access to their medicine at work without fear of negative repercussions.

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