Write a Letter to NTV and the Telegram to commend their coverage of 'No Annexation Rally' in St. John's

Take a minute to  send a letter to NTV and the Telegram to commend them for their reporting on the 'No to Annexation' rally at the Confederation Building on July 4, 2020, and share information about international law.

On Saturday, July 4, St Johns, NL residents gathered at Confederation Building to protest Israel's proposed annexation of Palestinian lands. NTV and the Telegram provided coverage.

NTV coverage can be veiwed here, and the Telegram coverage here.

Note: Following the NTV and Telegram coverage, Mike Fegleman of Honest Reporting Canada wrote to complain about their coverage with his review of the Protest against Annexation. In his review Mr. Fegleman refers to the lands subject to annexation as being Judea and Sumaria. He also asks Honest Reporting Canada readers to contact NTV and the Telegram to condemn their coverage.

A recent statement from Michelle Bachelet, UN Human Rights chief, stated 'Israel's aim to annex parts of the occupied West Bank is clearly "illegal" and warned that the consequences could be "disastrous".

Contact NTV and the Telegram to commend them on their reporting, and to share a few facts about  international law
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