Comment on Ventura County Draft General Plan and EIR (Environmental Impact Report)

Hello, fellow climate activists—

Ventura County needs your participation to strengthen the 2040 General Plan Update to cover the impacts of climate change. There is an easy, quick bit of action you can take that will really help. We’re approaching the deadline for commenting on the Draft Environmental Impact Report, or DEIR for short. Comments will be accepted until 5 pm on Thursday February 27—please chime in!

Comments are emailed to the Planner Susan Curtis at .

Click START WRITING to see a template letter that you can send or preferably edit to make it your own. (You first have to check the opt in or opt out circle for email updates.)

Click SEND LETTERS for your letter to go directly to Susan Curtis. She will distribute your comment to the five members of the County Board of Supervisors and place your comment on the public comment docket for anyone to read.

You can personalize your comments, including one or more climate change mitigation recommendations that you feel especially passionate about. For some ideas, see our Climate Mitigation (and other) Ideas for Comments. Include whatever you want to say about how the county can address climate change.  

You may also endorse points from CFROG (Climate First-Replacing Oil and Gas):

  • require a 2500-foot buffer around oil wells,
  • curb methane emissions,
  • restore the decisions of the Board of Supervisors to require that all new wells 1) collect gases rather than flare or vent, and 2) convey oil and produced water via pipelines instead of trucking.

When writing your comment, share from your heart what a big deal this is for you and ask friends to write because numbers of comments matters a lot at this phase… and thank you for taking action!

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