CONGRESS: Do Not Allow Our Tax Dollars To Fund Conflict In The Congo!

United States allies, Rwanda and Uganda have pursued a quarter century war of aggression and plunder against the Congolese people. They have invaded the Congo twice (1996 & 1998). The 1998 invasion triggered the deaths of 5.4 million Congolese, half of whom were children under the age of five. The Rwandan and Ugandan armies even fought each other on Congolese soil in the so-called Six-Day War over control of Congo's natural resource. The battle between the two armies resulted in the injury and death of thousands of Congolese civilians.

Although there was a peace agreement in 2002, and Rwanda and Uganda agreed to withdraw their militaries and cease the occupation of the Congo, both countries have resorted to sponsoring militia groups in the east of Congo to destabilize and continue the plunder of Congo's resources. To this very day the Rwandan government continues to militarily back the M23 militia, which is occupying Congolese terriorty, bombing local population, killing civilians and they have displaced up to one million inhabitants. The two governments, particularly Rwanda have been able to escape accountability and justice in large part because they have benefited from diplomatic and political cover from the United States. Let your member of Congress know that 25 years of war and plunder of Congo is enough.
Letter Campaign by
Maurice Carney
Washington, Philippines